St. Mary’s Church in Nonington

St. Mary’s Church: historical notes.
St Alban the first British martyr
The Light Lands and other bequests to the Church.
Notes made by the Reverend Bryan Faussett in 1758 on the memorials and inscriptions then to be found in St. Mary’s Church, Nonington.
Monumental Inscriptions in the Church of Nonington in Kent from “The Topographer”, 1791.
St. Mary’s Church: Monumental inscriptions recorded in 1892
1912 Nonington “Brief Notes on Its Church and History” by the Rev. Sidney Sargent
St. Mary’ Church, Nonington, the 1938 guide and more.
St. Mary's Church Picture Gallery
‘Le Parsonage’ and ‘Le Vicaredge’. Nonington's various vicarages
The Reverend Frederick Chalmers and his orphanage at the Nonington Vicarage
The Rev. Sir Algernon Coote, 1899 obituary
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