Nonington In The Wars-from the English Civil War to World War II

Captain Francis Hammond of St. Alban's Court: The Thirty Years War & The Bishops Wars
Nonington & the English Civil War of 1642-1651
Nonington and the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792 to 1814.
Captain M. M. Hammond, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade. Killed at the Great Redan, Sevastolpol, Crimea, 8th September,1855
Nonington and the East Kent Volunteers
Nonington men who served in the Armed Forces during The Great War
Captain Eric Frank Penn of the Grenadier Guards, who was killed on 18th October, 1915, during the Battle of Loos.
Captain Eric Frank Penn of The Grenadier Guards & Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Mark Penn of the The Rifle Brigade
Nonington and The Great War-plans for evacuation in the event of a German invasion
The Nonington War Memorials.
WW2 Nonington firemen
Nonington during WW2 in pictures
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