Nonington during WW2


  • Aileen taylor

    Love the photos my mother lived in nonnington as a child she lived listway cottages my great grandparents also lived in nonnington for a lot of years I’ll show my mum these photos

  • admin

    Please do use them as long as it’s not for profit. A credit and link back will be nice, thanks.

  • Kamiah

    Hi there,

    These photos are absolutely fantastic. I work for YMCA now and we would love to share them on our charity’s website to showcase the heritage of the YMCA movement. Are we able to do this if we include credit and a link back?

    Kind regards

  • Geoff Pinfold

    St Albans Downs concrete road,with a raised section.Second World War and what purpose?

  • admin

    Rick, unfortunately I know very little about Hatchetts in general, and nothing about it during WW2. Sadly, I don’t think there is anyone around who would know anything about it. Fredville was occupied by Canadian troops during the war, possibly they relocated after the fire at Fredville. Gubbin’s, who owned Hatchetts, was married to a Plumptre. Possibly he offered the house for War use?

  • Richard Browning

    HI Clive..I know Hatchetts was occupied by the War Dept during WW2.we have mention of claims for delapidations in the old documents …and a hand grenade found in the garden… as well as things including “ration store” on a cellar key and “Atheys Dump”..on a cellar door
    How can I find out more ?
    regards Rick

  • admin

    Hello, Sheila, thanks for getting in contact. I remember the Christmas parties held in the hall [ball room?] of the new St Alban’s Court mansion, lots of food and games if I remember correctly. I can remember Miss Hinks visiting Nonington School a couple of times a year, I think she was a school governor. She always seemed to wear a tweed suit and trilby type hat. Regarding the photo, unfortunately all I had was copies without any real descriptions on. Many of the photos on the site were part of Aubrey Sutton’s collection which I was lucky enough to be able to copy, some had a description on, others didn’t. If I can find out any further details regarding any of the photos I’ll put them on the site. Are you going to the school reunion this year? I think it’s on 1st July. If you wish to contact me directly my email address is [email protected].
    Best wishes. Clive.

  • Sheila Duncan (PYSDEN)

    Hi Clive

    I was delighted to discover the pictures on this website, particularly remembering Miss Hinks and Miss Kruger from my childhood, and this reminded me of the Christmas parties at Nonington College which was one of the highlights of the winter term at Nonington School.

    There is a picture of three women in front of a library van that I have noticed, and I am convinced my mother is on the far left, and possibly Betsy Hume on the right. I wondered if you have access to the original of this photo, and whether there is any further narrative indicating who the people are.

    It would be wonderful to hear from you if you have any further information.

    Kind regards

  • Ranit

    Dear Sir

    Thanks for contacting me. Would it be possible to get hold of high resolution images of these tea vans which are on your website. I have more information on these vans but few images. Please see how you can help me. Regards , Ranit

  • admin

    Thanks for contacting me. All I can really tell you is that the WVS used old St. Alban’s Court house during WW2 as a base for the operations in the area as Dover was too dangerous due to German bombing and the shelling from long distance guns situated near Calais. They provided tea, sandwiches ect & books to troops stationed in East Kent before D-Day.

  • Ranit

    Greetings from The London Tea History Association. I wish to contact you on tea images ( tea vans ) on your website for a book that I am writing. Regards Ranit

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