Old St. Alban’s Court House picture slide show

  • 1895 Hammond to Plumptre School letter
  • Old St Alban's Court house in the 1870's


  • Stephen Burke

    Dear Sir

    I am doing some research on the history of Nonington College for our alumni forum on Facebook. Your website contains some fascinating information and photos relating to the history of the College which clearly would be of great interest to our members. Would you be willing to allow me to quote from your site and use some of your photographs? Obviously I will acknowledge anything that we use.

    Best regards

    Stephen Burke

  • admin

    Dear Dr. Buján, thank you for contacting me. Please use any pictures or information on my website that you feel will be of use to you. I have sent your email address to the gentleman who owns old St. Alban’s Court. He has done a lot of research on George Devey’s work at St. Alban’s Court and has published articles about the house and gardens in various Kent Archaeological Society publications so he may be able to help you with further information.

  • Jorge F. Buján

    Dear Sir
    I would like to know if I can include the photo “The NE side and gardens, 1930´s” in my book “The Architecture of the British Community in Quilmes (1872-1930)”. The book will be published by the National Univerisity of La Plata, Buenos Aires. Argentina. It is an academic proyect with no comercial purpose. Some of the English architects who worked in Argentina showed the influence of architect George Devey and St.Alban´s Court is a very good example of his best production.
    Yours truly

    Dr. (architect) Jorge F. Buján
    La Plata National University.

  • elizabeth smith

    hi your pictures are not showing. I will be visiting Chilhamchase/400 may 20-22 and hopefully petham. looking for Anne Digges 1610-1664 married Anthony Hammond 2nd marriage George Juxon burial place and others from Hammond family. cheers from canada

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