The Fredville House in Nonington Picture Gallery

Thomas Pelham Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle, who sold the Fredville estate to Margaretta Bridges, the first wife of John Plumptre of Nottingham, who inherited Fredville on her death in 1756.



  • Pete Smith FSA

    I am researching Plumptre House in Nottingham and I am interested in what happened to the library which was eventually transfered to Fredville in c. 1791. Your website illustrates a newspaper cutting THE SALE ROOM, of a sale at Sothebys but it does not give the name of the paper. It also illustrates a Sale Catalogue for Fredville Park. Could you tell me where I could find either of these items? Or could you tell me whether the sale catalogue includes any books. I assume the sale took place in 1926.Does the newspaper cutting have a date, I would like to consult Sothebys but it would help to have a date for the sale. I live in Nottingham and haven’t yet been able to visit Kent Archives. The photos of the Library at Fredville are very interesting!

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