Nonington Miscellanea-the Parish Vestry, Murder, and More

The indictment of Edward and Sarah Lawrence for the murder of George and Catharine Andrewes on 8th March, 1677
Humours of election William_Hogarth_028
1705 Nonington Boroughs Tax Roll
1755 election canvassing for votes
Nonington voters in the 1754 Parliamentary elections.
Snippets from the Parish Vestry Minutes.
Nonington Parish Council: the minutes from its inauguration in December, 1894
The origins of the Ash Path from Holt Street to Church Street
Beating the Nonington Parish Bounds in 1895
Health care in Nonington, 1898
Richard Jarvis Arnold: Recollections of the life of the village fifty years ago [written in July 1936].
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