• firsfamily group
  • Firs view of park
  • Easole-cott rear of chapel close-up with man & woman
  • Easole-cott rear of chapel close-up with woman
  • Easole-Mrs Hill in shop door-way
  • Shakespeare Cottage, the home of the Washford family
  • Shakespeare cottage
  • Easole-The Four Limes-house
  • Laura Knight circa 1910.
  • Flying the kite, over Newlyn by Laura Knight
  • Land Army Girl by Laura Knight 1940
  • The Dock at Nuremberg by Laura Knight 1946
  • Arthur Bates, maternal uncle of Laura Knight and Eva Croft
  • Sissie, painted in 1896 by the then Laura Johnson
  • Krafton bonjour tea set c 1934
  • Sissie by Laura Knight, 1945
  • Easole-The Old House-Miss Harvey. Harvey's offices on left
  • Croft's Chemist, corner of Butchery Lane, Canterbury
  • Easole-Home Farm & Sandwich Road
  • Easole-Shady Walk

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