Easole Corn Mill in Nonington-newspaper articles 1965-70.

The following PDF files are of newspaper articles about the Easole Corn Mill which replace the scans of the newspaper articles previously published on the Easole Corn Mill page.  They were kindly sent to me by Malcolm Blackwood.

1965 In the early hours of  Sunday, 9th May, 1965. Easole M Corn ill  was destroyed by fire. Reported in The Dover Express & East Kent News on Friday, 14th May, 1965. Please click on the link below to see the full newspaper article.

Dover Express article 14May1965


1966 SIte of Mill at Nonnington by A. W. May was published in The East Kent Mercury of Thursday, December 1st, 1966.

Dover Express article 04Dec1970


1970.  Teddy Gasston-Memories of a kind old miller, published in The Dover Express, 4th November, 1970.

Dover Express article 04Dec1970

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