Archaeological excavations at Easole Manor House and Beauchamps Wood in Nonington

The land between Beauchamps Wood and the old St. Alban’s Court House has for many years been known to generations of Nonington’s inhabitants as “The Ruins” because of the prominent ancient remains of a once large building. Some wall sections stood above ground until their demolition in the 1950’s and the outline of foundations and some small piles of rubble were also clearly to be seen until the site was cleared by the then land-owner in the 1980’s. For some centuries the ruins were believed by many historians to be those of a nunnery or chapel but after the archaeological excavations began in 2010 research revealed that these ruins were actually the remains of a long lost and forgotten Easole manor house.

The archaeological excavation of the site continues and the articles below by Peter Hobbs of Old St. Alban’s Court record the ongoing dig!