1769 Nonington crop b&w from Andrews map

Nonington voters in the 1754 Parliamentary elections.


During the Middle Ages the Knights of the Shire were the most prominent members in the House of Commons with  two knights elected for each of the 37 counties under Royal jurisdiction. Elections for Knights of the Shire were conducted by county sheriffs at county courts and in the early days of Parliament all freemen, even those who did not own property, could vote in these county elections. This caused resentment among those who did own land and in 1429 Parliament restricted the right to vote in elections for knights of the shire to those freemen who owned freehold land worth 40 shillings. This  40 shilling franchise was only abolished in 1832 by the Great Reform Act.

The table below records those Nonington residents who qualified to vote in the election of the two Kent Knights of the Shire in 1754.



Poll for the knights of the shire to represent the County of Kent 1754.




Freeholders Freeholds Of what comprising Occupiers
William Hammond Nonington h & l [house & land] Rich. Downing
Robert Matson ditto ditto Will. Elgar
Thomas Ashenden Sarr ditto Mrs. Kennis
Valentine Payne Elmstone ditto Will. Bourne
Thomas Hayward Mersham ditto —— London
Abraham Dunn Nonington ditto his own
John Obday Buckland ditto Rob. Obday
Vincent Payne Wickh. Brooks land John Larkin
Daniel Wood Nonington h & l John Mote
Austen Pain ditto ditto Edw. Rose
William Wood ditto ditto Tho. Durning
John Ukens Langdon ditto Tho. Sharp
Samson Creek Nonington ditto his own
Richard Downing Kingston ditto Edw. Ford
John Sexton Barham ditto his own
Samuel Maxted Norborn ditto Rich. Hogben


William Taylor St. Nic. Thanet h&l Wid. Taylor
Sir Narborough D’aeth Bt Knowlton land his own
Francis D’aeth Cl ditto tythe ditto
Isaac Mackett ditto h&l ditto
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