AN OPPORTUNITY FOR AN HISTORIAN – it could be YOU! A Master’s Degree By Research At Canterbury Christ Church University

Suitable for a Masters by Research, either full-time or part-time, we at the Centre for Kent History and Heritage at Canterbury Christ Church University have some funding for a historical landscape project based on East Kent.

Are you interested in Kent’s early medieval history?
Have you ever wondered how the different estates in the countryside came into being during the time of the Kingdom of Kent and beyond, and how they developed either side of the Norman Conquest as the pressure of the Norman presence came to bear on the Kentish countryside?
If so, then this project may be just right for you! Called ‘The Evolution of a Downland Landscape: Nonington 700–1400’ we know there is a good corpus of charter and other documentary materials, as well as evidence from archaeological and topographical work. For preliminary enquiries, please contact me at

[email protected]

and we can discuss your ideas.

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