Nonington as a part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Manor of Wingham

Illuminated manuscript showing St Benedict handing his rule to monks
Nonington as a part of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Manor of Wingham
Nonington as recorded in the survey of Archbishop Pecham’s Kentish Manors made in 1283-85
Swineherds beating down acorns for their pigs-Queen Mary Psalter, 1310-1320.
Oxenden, later Oxney
Ackholt, commonly Acol, in Nonington
Aylesham in the old parish of Nonington
Curlswood or Curleswood Park: also Cruds Wood, Crudeswood, later Old Park Farm in Nonington
The Knight’s Fee of Retlyng, now Ratling, near Aylesham
Estriteling, later Old Court Farm
The hamlets of North and South Nonington
Kittington or Kettington manor and farm in Nonington
Anglo Saxon shepherd tending sheep
Richard Creake, yeoman, of Kettingden. Inventory of goods, 1560
A report of the fire at Kittington Farm in February of 1898
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