Nonington and The Great War-plans for evacuation in the event of a German invasion

As the outbreak of armed conflict between the British Empire and the German Empire became more certain plans were made to evacuate the civilian population of Kent in the event of invasion. The arrangements for the evacuation of Nonington’s inhabitants have recently come to light, and appear to have made shortly before the outbreak of The Great War in August of 1914. Parish council members appear to have made up the committee making and administering the arrangements.
H.W. Plumptre, the chairman of  the committee, had served as an officer in the 5th East Kent Rifle Volunteers having joined as a 2nd lieutenant in 1887 he  had been commissioned  Lieutenant in 1889 and Captain in 1893 before resigning his commission in 1896.


Plans for the evacuation of the inhabitants of Nonington in the event of a German invasion after the beginning of the The Great War.
Aubrey Sutton archive.

Nonington-WW1-evacuation transport

The transport arrangements to evacuate the inhabitants of the various hamlets
in the old parish of Nonington.
Aubrey Sutton archive.


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